The World’s Largest Shared
Class-A Laboratory

ATLATL Embodies an Ecosystem of Innovators and Provides
New Concept Solutions to Commercialize Innovations


To research more effectively, ATLATL sets up R&D assembly lines based on the “VIC” (Venture Capital, IP, CRO) model. ATLATL combines its on-site CROs with global giant CRO companies. Co-location CRO services reduce the failure rate of management, communication, and logistics. This unique model separates research design from bench work, so that different people can each do what they are best at: talented scientists can focus more on the key research, and skillful technicians can deliver the jobs more efficiently. The R&D assembly line is the server station of life sciences, which will change the paradigm of the industry.


Analytical support based on core facilities

On-site CRO services and FTE specialized in:

Peptide Services

Antibody Services

Protein Services

Molecular Biology

Cell Biology Services

Genomics & Proteomics

We seamlessly combine in-house research resources and outsourced CROs and FTEs to help you implement projects from Z to Z. For example, we can develop antibodies from gene synthesis to antigen protein expression and purification, and even downstream humanized antibody optimization, ADC, or CAR-T.

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