The World’s Largest Shared
Class-A Laboratory

ATLATL Embodies an Ecosystem of Innovators and Provides
New Concept Solutions to Commercialize Innovations


The Class A level lab building provides fully functional ready-to-use

infrastructure, including:

Chiller, AHU, and Pipe systems


Marlin Cooling Tower

Dynamic Carbonic System

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) System

VRV Air Conditioning System

Fan Coil Unit


ATLATL provides common lab equipment for bioresearch, including:

Autoclave, bottle wash, and ice machines

Deionized water, vacuum, and gas supply

Chemical hoods and BSL-2 cell-culture facilities

Centrifuges, vortex, shakers, freezers, storage facilities

As well as shared core facilities including:

Equipment for molecular and cell biology

Analytical instruments

Genomics and proteomics tools

Imaging & Microscopy instruments

Drug screening systems


ATLATL is more than a lab or a workspace; it is a creative lifestyle of arts, science, philosophy, entertainments and sports, designed specifically for diversified innovators from around the globe in the field of life sciences. We regularly host arts and science lectures, scholarly exchange, investment opportunities, innovation workshops, and Zhangjiang-wide social events such as happy hours and barbeques.


ATLATL’s experienced team provides the following services to support your day-to-day operation needs:

Maintenance of permits for all lab operations

Mandatory EHS training and compliance for all lab users

Maintenance of equipment and technical support

Cleaning and waste disposal

24/7 on-site security and in-building inspections

On-site facility manager

Custodial services

First aid


40,000 sq ft fully accessible common area/facilities including:


Coffee shop

Grand lecture hall

 Conference rooms

Biohazard storage

Glass wash and autoclave facility

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