What other biotech news have you been missing? A big China IPO and more
29 DEC 2018
20 JUN 2019
Lab safety & energy-efficiency competition
20 FEB 2019


2019上海国际实验室通风装备公开赛原定今年7月至9月在上海市ATLATL创业中心举行。报名参赛的有德国Waldner、山东龙腾、上海大风、上海倚世等4家企业。此外,组织委员会聘请了Albright、傅江南、李强民、刘东、卢耕、王智超、赵侠等7位业内享有盛名的专家出任专家审评委员会成员,并召集参赛企业举行了4次协调会议,对比赛方案取得了共识。 组织委员会在5月底收到Waldner公司的通报,由于公司排产原因,无法在9月底之前把参赛所需的排风柜等装备运至上海。因此,组织委员会决定将本次赛事不定期延期,等Waldner公司准备好以后择日举行。 组

Lab safety & energy-efficiency competition

ATLATL will be the platform to host the competition for lab safety & energy-efficiency in 2019. E-3 Green Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("E-3") proposed a global initiative to international organizations in the laboratory ventilation equipment industry to hold the first "Shanghai Interna

Innovation Competition

Zhangjiang Innovation Union is to organize the 1st “Innovation Competition" in ATLATL center.  The competition will take place on Feb 28, 2019, as part of its annual Leadership Conference. The event attracts investors and innovative companies who are interested in the field of Cell Therapy.

Pre-meeting of ChinaBio

The 2019 ChinaBio® Partnering Forum will take place May 8–9, 2019 in Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai, China. ATLATL will partnership with ChinaBio and organize pre-meeting with the topic of VICI(Venture capital, IP,CROs, Incubator) model. ChinaBio® has organized over 30 premier life sci

Miltenyi and ATLATL will open Cell and Gene Therapy Center

Miltenyi and ATLATL are to announce the creation of ATLATL-MACS Center for Cell and Gene Therapy on Feb 28, 2019. The center will allow scientists to accelerate their pioneering work that could lead to cures and treatments for diseases and injuries. "Our continuing work and discoveries can be



What other biotech news have you been missing? A big China IPO and more

by john carroll — on December 24, 2018 10:14 AM EST Updated: December 26, 2018 09:52 AM After the Hong Kong ex­change saw the first slate of biotech IPOs plunge well below their debut price, th

Pharma Valley, China’s equivalent of Kendall Square, is expanding rapidly

Yi-Ling Liu, STAT News•December 3, 2018 SHANGHAI — Harbour Biomed opened its first office in a Shanghai industrial park in 2016, with a team of eight people. Just two years later, it has become a global biotech company, with offices in Boston and Rotterdam and more than 150 employees. Here in China

The Inst. of Ereignis was founded in AIC

As a glorious mixture of art, philosophy, and science, ATLATL Innovation Cluster(AIC) is not only research centered, but also contains a cultural icon of creativity and innovation. In September 2018, the ATLATL co-founded Institute of Ereignis focuses on science and future philosophy research, ethic

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