20 JUN 2019




Organizing Committee of the 2019 Shanghai International Laboratory Ventilation Equipment OpenAnnouncement Regarding Postponement

The 2019 Shanghai International Laboratory Ventilation Equipment Open Competition was originally scheduled to be held in Shanghai at the ATLATL Innovation Cluster from July to September of this year.  Participant entries included four enterprises: Waldner Germany, Shandong Longteng, Shanghai Dafeng and Shanghai E3 Green Technology.  The participants held four coordination meetings to reach consensus on the global open competition plan. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee successfully invited seven well-known experts from the industry, including Mr. Chip Albright, Professor Fu Jiangnan, Professor Li Qiangmin, Professor Liu Dong, Mr. Lu Geng, Mr. Wang Zhichao and Ms. Zhao Xia, to serve as members of the Evaluation Committee.

During the end of May, the Organizing Committee received a notification from Waldner Germany informing that due to the company's production schedule, it was not possible to ship the required fume hoods and related equipment to Shanghai before the end of September. Therefore, the Organizing Committee has decided to postpone the event indefinitely until Waldner announces the completion of their preparation.

Dr. PC Zhu, Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee, said: "At present, laboratory safety and energy consumption are major challenges facing China and the rest of the world.  Major technological breakthroughs are urgently needed to improve the current dire state.  The global open competition to be launched in China will undoubtedly help improve the safety and energy efficiency of laboratories, protect the lives of scientific researchers, help enterprises save energy, reduce emissions, and lower operating costs.  It's an enormously positive cause for both owners and users in the laboratory industry.  We are very grateful to the relevant institutions in Shanghai, Zhangjiang High-tech Park and industry experts for their strong support towards the global open, as well as to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone from all over the world for their attention and interest. I hope this event will be held as soon as possible after this postponement.”

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