Innovation Competition

20 FEB 2019

Zhangjiang Innovation Union is to organize the 1st “Innovation Competition" in ATLATL center.  The competition will take place on Feb 28, 2019, as part of its annual Leadership Conference. The event attracts investors and innovative companies who are interested in the field of Cell Therapy.

"The Event is an important motivational hub for innovation, ideas, talent, and investment," said Tony Jiang, Executive Manager of Shanghai Zhangjiang Pharma Engine. "It gives our members the opportunity to see the most advanced and we can also help incubate, develop and assist in the delivery of innovations to the market. "

This year the nominating committee chose four out of 20 considered organizations looking for breakthrough event technology or amazing new business models. According to Tony, "We are excited to present organizations that will stretch the imagination, showcase forward-thinking and encourage our members to raise the bar on innovation.”

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