Miltenyi and ATLATL will open Cell and Gene Therapy Center

29 DEC 2018

Miltenyi and ATLATL are to announce the creation of ATLATL-MACS Center for Cell and Gene Therapy on Feb 28, 2019. The center will allow scientists to accelerate their pioneering work that could lead to cures and treatments for diseases and injuries.

"Our continuing work and discoveries can be revolutionary in cell and gene therapy," said May Guo, who is the director of the center. "This new center will allow us to put together a comprehensive program where we can share Miltenyi’s cutting-edge instruments, expertise, answer new questions and train the scientists needed to move this important work forward."

The center will allow for expansion of private funding and empower ATLATL-MACS team to focus on making new discoveries and advances in cell and gene therapy.

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