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ATLATL-MACS Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

The Center for Cell and Gene Therapy houses facilities for the preparation of cell and gene therapy products for use in clinical trials. The technicians have considerable experience in preparing a wide range of cell and gene therapy products. The center has a Cell Isolation Laboratory, QC Laboratory, and a Flow Cytometry Facility for analysis of therapeutic cells.

Cell Processing Facility

Vector Production Facility

Cell Manufacture Facility

Quality Control Lab

Flow Cytometry Lab

ATLATL-MACS Center for Microscopy and Imaging

CMSE serves as a conduit between industry, government, and academy. We stress a fundamental approach in our research while seeking solutions to practical problems.

Molecular Biology Program (MBP)

A major aim of the Molecular Biology Program is to use biochemical, molecular genetic, genetic, cell biological, and structural biological approaches to study many aspects of the maintenance of genomic integrity. Molecular Biology is the foundation of modern biological research. MBP offers a full complement of molecular biology services to accelerate your research with state of the art technologies and experienced scientists.

ATLATL Center for Proteomics

Center for Proteomics provides contract research services for high-content protein quantification from any species in any biological matrix to facilitate translational research. With our market leading expertise, we are a strong partner to accelerate your research and development.

Open Source Cell Library (OSCL)

With cutting-edge technologies and stringent standard of quality control, OSCL provides researchers with over 300 types of reliable, high quality primary cells from humans, including nervous, cardiac, hepatic, renal, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, mesenchymal, adipose, oral, ovarian, prostate, hair, lymphatic, skeletal, mammary, umbilical, urethral, and ocular, among others.
Without genetic and chemical modifications, primary cells retain many of the important physiological properties of their origin tissue systems and closely mimic the in vivo conditions. Therefore, they offer ideal cell models for a vast variety of research, from fundamental cell biology and physiology, developmental biology, disease mechanisms, to drug screening and therapeutics development.
Our primary cells are isolated from healthy human tissues, and cryopreserved at early passage with outstanding cell viability. We also provide customized cell isolation services, cell-derived DNA, RNA, and proteins.

ATLATL Center for Immunology

Center for Immunology advances your project with the help of the leading global provider in custom antibody development, vaccine development and biologics testing. We have created highly effective custom antibodies for numerous applications, including IP, IHC, IF, flow cytometry, Western blot, and EIA.

The Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering

CMSE serves as a conduit between industry, government, and academy. We stress a fundamental approach in our research while seeking solutions to practical problems.

ATLATL Center for Biomedical Analysis

ACBA is devoted to the development of novel analysis methods and tools, and their applications to various clinical research and trials.

Global BioMed Design Initiatives(BDI)

Design is the key of biotechnology. ATLATL separates research design from bench work, so that different people can each do what they are best at: Talented scientists can focus more on the key research, and skillful technicians can deliver the jobs more efficiently. BDI focuses on immunopharmacoinformatics approach in development of vaccine and drug candidates.

Ereignis Gallery

The gallery is dedicated to presenting artistic creations and collections of artworks in various styles. The museum holds a variety of temporary exhibits, cultural activities, and artistic & educational workshops throughout the year.

Institute of Ereignis

The Institute of Ereignis focuses on science and future philosophy research, ethical issues, technology, and the future of humanity.

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