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As a glorious mixture of art, philosophy, and science, ATLATL attracts innovators from across the globe

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Your Breakthrough, Our Space

ATLATL Embodies an Ecosystem of Innovators and Provides
New Concept Solutions to Commercialize Innovations

Your Breakthrough, Our Space

ATLATL Embodies an Ecosystem of Innovators and Provides
New Concept Solutions to Commercialize Innovations

Our Features

Lower All-In Cost

All-in operational costs and upfront CAPEX are lower. Enjoy flexible terms, customizable size, and on-demand resources. The risk of innovation decreases systematically.

Fast and Efficient

Lightning quick launch to the first experiment and efficient ramp-up to full productivity and staffing. Innovators can focus more on research and development.

Turnkey Solutions

The ATLATL team and partners deliver pharma-quality solutions using the best practices. Our community focuses on infrastructure and on-site management.


Lab Space as a Service

Innovation Launchpad

Small team R&D requires not only space, but a platform to accelerate performance. Success requires flexible facilities, dynamic operations, and industry-leading expertise on site.

We built this platform at the intersection of the world’s leading life science companies, VCs, and academic institutions in the heart of an innovation hub.

Solutions for Various Sizes


ATLATL Innovation Labs: Staff for your project - you design and we compliment with our resources.


Co-Lab Space: Ready-to-go permitted lab bench & biosafety hood, with office space in a shared lab.

Small Teams

Mini-Labs: Private lab suites for R&D teams of up to five staff members.

Fast Growing Teams

Innovation Suites: Private lab suites with full turnkey operations support.


News and Events

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As a glorious mixture of art, philosophy, and science, ATLATL Innovation Cluster(AIC) is not only research centered, but also contains a cultural icon...



2019上海国际实验室通风装备公开赛原定今年7月至9月在上海市ATLATL创业中心举行。报名参赛的有德国Waldner、山东龙腾、上海大风、上海倚世等4家企业。此外,组织委员会聘请了Albright、傅江南、李强民、刘东、卢耕、王智超、赵侠等7位业内享有盛名的专家出任专家审评委员会成员,并召集参赛企业举行了4次协调会议,对比赛方案取得了共识。 组织委员会在5月底收到Waldner公司的通报,由于公司排产原因,无法在9月底之前把参赛所需的排风柜等装备运至上海。因此,组织委员会决定将本次赛事不定期延期,等Waldner公司准备好以后择日举行。 组织委员会秘书长朱鹏程博士说:“实验室安全和节能方面的问题,是目前中国和全世界共同面临的巨大挑战,亟需重大技术突破才能改进。这次在中国发起的国际公开赛,无疑将有助于提高实验室的安全性和能效率,保护广大科研人员的生命安全,帮助企业节能减排并降低运行成本。对我们这些与实验室相关的企业和个人来说是件大好事。我们非常感谢上海市有关部门、张江高科技园区、和各位专家的大力支持,同时感谢行业内外各国人士的关注和期待。希望本次赛事延期后能尽快举行。” Organizing Committee of the 2019 Shanghai International Laboratory Ventilation Equipment Open:Announcement Regarding Postponement The 2019 Shanghai International Laboratory Ventilation Equipment Open Competition was originally scheduled to be held in Shanghai at the ATLATL Innovation Cluster from July to September of this year.  Participant entries included four enterprises: Waldner Germany, Shandong Longteng, Shanghai Dafeng and Shanghai E3 Green Technology.  The participants held four coordination meetings to reach consensus on the global open competition plan. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee successfully invited seven well-known experts from the industry, including Mr. Chip Albright, Professor Fu Jiangnan, Professor Li Qiangmin, Professor Liu Dong, Mr. Lu Geng, Mr. Wang Zhichao and Ms. Zhao Xia, to serve as members of the Evaluation Committee. During the end of May, the Organizing Committee received a notification from Waldner Germany informing that due to the company's production schedule, it was not possible to ship the required fume hoods and related equipment to Shanghai before the end of September. Therefore, the Organizing Committee has decided to postpone the event indefinitely until Waldner announces the completion of their preparation. Dr. PC Zhu, Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee, said: "At present, laboratory safety and energy consumption are major challenges facing China and the rest of the world.  Major technological breakthroughs are urgently needed to improve the current dire state.  The global open competition to be launched in China will undoubtedly help improve the safety and energy efficiency of laboratories, protect the lives of scientific researchers, help enterprises save energy, reduce emissions, and lower operating costs.  It's an enormously positive cause for both owners and users in the laboratory industry.  We are very grateful to the relevant institutions in Shanghai, Zhangjiang High-tech Park and industry experts for their strong support towards the global open, as well as to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone from all over the world for their attention and interest. I hope this event will be held as soon as possible after this postponement.”

Lab safety & energy-efficiency competition

ATLATL will be the platform to host the competition for lab safety & energy-efficiency in 2019. E-3 Green Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("E-3") proposed a global initiative to international organizations in the laboratory ventilation equipment industry to hold the first "Shanghai International Laboratory Ventilation Equipment Open" in 2019. As the event initiator, Dr. Tang Ming , Chairman & CEO of E-3, extended invitations to a group of potential participants as the new year begins. These invitees include market leaders or companies with unique technologies in the laboratory ventilation equipment industry, from major markets of China, India, Europe and the United States. The international invitees include: WALDNER (Germany), Renggli (Switzerland), Kewaunee (U.S.), and Hamilton (U.S.), all are reputable market leaders in the laboratory equipment and fume hood industry.  Additional invitees include: Phoenix Controls (U.S.), renowned for pioneering and bringing the venturi valve onto the market; TEL-UK (U.K.) and TROX (Germany), known for their advanced single-blade dampers and airflow control solutions; and Citizen Industries, one of India's top laboratory equipment manufacturer. China's domestic invitees include: TMOON (Guangdong), Isong Control (Shanghai), ZEPHIRUS (Shanghai), ZKTL Lab (Shanghai), all have high-end products of single-blade damper, venturi valve, or fume hood; SUNWAY (Beijing) with their advanced low-flow fume hoods; and LBT (Jiangsu) as well as LONTON (Shandong), both with unique active supply-air fume hood technologies. In the invitation letters, Dr. Tang Ming emphasized that for decades, in order to achieve the goal of laboratory safety and energy-efficiency, experts and enterprises around the world have made unremitting explorations.  Despite such efforts, the current global state of laboratories are still concerning with much room left for improvement.  Laboratories in developed countries are generally safe with comfortable working environments at the expense of high HVAC energy consumption. Most laboratories in developing markets, such as China and India, sacrifice worker safety and indoor comfort due to inadequate HVAC. Thus fundamental changes for improvement are urgently needed. In recent years, many new product technologies have surfaced in the laboratory ventilation equipment industry.  In order to promote a healthy development of innovative solutions for safer and energy-efficient laboratories, E-3 proposes to global laboratory equipment enterprises to hold a "Shanghai International Laboratory Ventilation Equipment Open" in 2019. Dr. Tang Ming proposed to the invitees to form the event's "Planning Committee", with a coordination meeting to be held in Shanghai during late February 2019 to discuss in details.  If  the coordination meeting is successful, the formal registration will be held in March 2019.  From April to June 2019, participant teams will complete the construction of their respective model laboratories, and the competition will commence with real-time monitoring and metering from July to September 2019.  During the event, global experts in the field of laboratory environmental control and sustainability will also be invited to gather in Shanghai for a seminar to discuss solutions for laboratory safety and energy-efficiency in tandem with the actual on-going results of the competition.
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